Facebook expects to issue a cryptocurrency of its own in 2021.

The digital financial revolution is the most recent change the world is all about right now. After the world became aware of crypto-currencies, we have seen so many improvements and developments in financial transactions. With Bitcoin, the notion of peer-to — peer transactions increased in 2009, and we are now searching for new ways to make it the new standard. So many big names are coming up with digital currencies and companies. Facebook is the latest addition to this list. There has been a lot of controversy about the introduction of the Facebook currency, and now we have the news that Facebook is going to add Libra.

And Libra, what’s it about?

What are Libra’s principal features?

Some of the noteworthy characteristics that will make Libra a common future transaction platform are:

1. Simple exchange of cellulars via

2. It is not a volatile crypto-currency and is backed up by a reserve bank.

3. Fast and rapid transactions via Libra can occur.

4. On the Blockchain, the Libra is constructed, and it will also be absolutely safe and stable.

Libra is going to operate on a network that is decentralised and has many validators. In order to process the transaction, they will operate in sync with one another. These validators will be part of the Libra Association, too. The task of this organisation will be to build a structure of network governance. Facebook attempts to provide a network of followers that in the geographical area will initially be restricted to and eventually become public. Libra is going to turn around to become a machine, without permission. And what’s going to be next?

This shift in Facebook is just the beginning of a new era of transformation. In the times ahead, we expect the world to shift towards the use of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Demand will be high for individuals with understanding in this area, Thys. It is the obligation of Blockchain practitioners that we have emerging instances of these cryptocurrencies and utilising Blockchain Technologies.

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